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♡The Mistress ♡
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Heavenly Hosts Empty Heavenly Hosts

Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:29 am
By: Trainbrain16

Most of us don't know they're here, but they've always been.  They live amongst us as we go about our lives, never realizing the kind of help we're getting.  They are our Guardian Angels, and many of us have had our lives saved by these Heavenly Hosts without ever knowing it.  Survivors of the fallen Kingdom of Heaven, which we had utterly destroyed, they mostly stay hidden for fear of what would happen to them if we discovered them.  Over a decade ago, the Great Angel War finally came to a bloody, brutal end after nearly a century of violence.  Lucifer's angels, known as the Fallen by the Guardians, started it all with a series of ruthless attacks against innocent, helpless humans, while disguising themselves as the Guardians.  For nearly a hundred years the Fallen attacked innocent humans, and we wrongly retaliated against the Guardians.  The war's end finally came when the Fallen's master plan came full circle and they allowed us to discover a way to reach the sacred realm of Heaven, the home of all the Guardians.  We attacked en-masse, slaughtering over 90% of the innocent Guardians and destroying the realm entirely.  Very few Angels who were in their home world that day survived, and most of those who remain were on Earth at the time.  Now that Heaven has been destroyed, the remaining Angels are no longer bound by its rules and are now capable of doing things that would destroy their sinless purity.  In the time since The 2nd Fall, some angels have descended into darkness, some have tried to fit into our society, and some have continued to secretly do good and help the human race, defending them against The Fallen and hoping to redeem themselves in the eyes of the humans.  They're all still very powerful, but now that Heaven has been gone for so long, they're even more mortal than ever before.

-General forum rules apply.
-Romance is encouraged.
-Violence is encouraged and gore is allowed.
-Angels might be powerful and hard to kill, but they are mortal.
-All angels are telepathic, strongly telekinetic, have incredible senses and strength, are able to heal themselves (and others with some significant effort), are able to slow time to a crawl around them, and render themselves almost completely invisible for a time. (These last two are very taxing on them, however.)
-Nearly all humans have a very strongly negative, hostile, and fearful attitude towards the angels because of all the things they believe the angels have done.  These attitudes are totally justified in the minds of the humans, but are incorrect since The Fallen are the only ones to blame.
-If an angel becomes emotionally close enough to a human they will become "Soul Bound" to that person.  Once an angel becomes bound they will act as a constant personal Guardian Angel and companion to that person and sometimes those immediately around them.  It also starts becoming physically and emotionally difficult for the Guardian to stray very far away from the person they're bound to for very long.  It'll start at just being uncomfortable then progress to being mildly painful then eventually severe pain which gets worse the longer the two are apart and the farther away they are.
-Angels and humans are very able to have children together, and when an angel soul-binds to a human it counts as marriage on their part, and all the human has to do is whole-heartedly agree and accept a proposal and that seals it in the eyes of God, which makes the-act-which-may-or-may-not-result-in-babies alright, because it's within the Holy bonds of marriage.  Pretty much all angels would know this, but it just hasn't ever happened before since almost all humans are still so hostile towards angels of any kind.  They have right to hate the Fallen, but it's nigh-impossible to convince them of the innocence of the Guardians because of over a hundred years of angels that looked like Guardians ruthlessly attacking innocent humans.  Also, whether the female in the partnership was the angel or the human, her gestation period (the length of time between the conception and when she gives birth) is only three months, though the babies grow the same amount in that period of time as a fully-human baby does in a nine-month normal pregnancy.  Any 'hybrid' children will have the wings, strength, and healing abilities of angels, but will otherwise be normal humans.


AC 16/INIT +6
Ref +13, Fort +7, Will +10
Ironwood staff +4(D6/D6 [living ironwood +D4 single handed, +D2 poison on hold], crit x2)

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