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Five Nights (FNAF Fanfic) Empty Five Nights (FNAF Fanfic)

Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:22 am
By Trainbrain16

So many years.....so many dark memories for these children. Children who did nothing wrong. Who's lives were stolen from them by an impostor. Someone they thought they could trust. After all, he worked at their favorite place to play. He was dressed as one of their favorite characters. How could they have ever known....that it would come to this?

Of course, years and years of pain...it makes people do things they never thought they would do. Makes them angry. And hurt. Revenge was something they thought would fix everything. But, it didn't. When the man who betrayed them died, his soul stayed. It didn't make them any happier, didn't fix what was broken. And now, they were stuck with him forever. Perhaps, more killing would? Yes, after all, there were plenty more people like this man. More people in that security outfit. They had to be bad too. All they had to do was get rid of all the bad guys. And so, they killed. And killed. Every person they saw when it was time for them to roam, they killed, and made like them.

Yet, was wasn't anything working? Why couldn't these children just move on? Was there anything that could put their souls at ease? Or would the pain far in the past continue to haunt them worse than they haunted others?

Information about the RP:
Okay before I give information, I would just like to say that this is an RP. No one truely knows the whole story of what happened with the five children and so I have to think to put together a version that can be successfully rped. Thus, what I put here is for the RP and I will not change it because it 'doesn't go with the theory'. If you constantly are bickering about theory and the plot you will be kicked off the rp.  If you haven't played or watched videos on any/all of the FNAF games and don't know about what the story is, PM me about that and I'll give you the best, most complete summary I can.
Now, onto the information:

1. There might be more ghosts in this rp than just the six children.  I may allow other ghosts to be made later on after all the originals are taken, BUT it has to control one of the left over animatronics and it has to go along with the story. If I don't approve it then you can't do it. As of right now, just stick to the ones I have listed below until I say otherwise.
2. There will be a Nightguard but if you have noticed, for sake of not only having two or three older people in the rp, I have added in several other humans. These humans can either be friends of the Nightguard who come to Freddy's with him or they can be workers at Freddy's (Like, for instance, the mechanic that keeps the animatronics and everything else running, or the cooks and waitresses, etc).
3. In the rp, in contrast to the games, it will be in a Freddy's Pizzeria that the children are set free, not the Freddy's Fright. It just makes things easier since a lot of the characters were left out in that one XD
4. The animatronics can not move during the day. This is kind of obvious. But that doesn't mean the ghosts can't  Wink Razz This also doesn't mean ghosts can go crazy during the day scaring people either. Ghosts, show yourselves in moderation, but not all the time.  This rp will take place in the year 2017. The timeline of games to now goes: FNAF4, FNAF2, FNAF, and the rp would be basically canceling out FNAF3.
5. The ghosts are able to communicate with the living audibly (projecting their voice), but they might choose to do it in other ways too, like writing in the fog on the bathroom mirror or in the sauce on a pizza right in front of someone.  The humans can also communicate back, though if the ghosts will listen or not is another matter.
6. The ghosts are able to choose when they can and can't become solid, as well as when they can and can't become visible, but it's relatively difficult for them to keep much of themselves solid for any extended period of time. This is why they still use the animatronics to do their dirty work.
7. Regardless of what the children were like before their deaths, their minds now would (in most cases) broken and tormented and they may be unlikely to listen to reason.  For example, they might have a hard time seeing that someone trapped in the pizzeria late at night who isn't a night guard wouldn't be just as guilty for Purple Guy's crimes as he was and all the guards are, and so they'd most likely still try to catch and kill them (with the exception of Chica, the kind, sane one of the bunch)
8. If I think of any other information or anything comes up in the discussion it will be added here.

I have two main requests of those who are making characters:
1. The ghost of Chica (who I would prefer to be a girl on the older end of the range, i.e. 10-13) should be the most merciful, friendly, playful, compassionate and sane one among the spirits, at least towards the other ghosts and humans other than the guards.  She would still be vengeful and ruthless towards the guards and kill them whenever she was able to, but if someone innocent ended up stuck in the pizzeria overnight she would try to convince the others to spare them.  She'd also like hanging out in and around the kitchen, going along with Chica's theme and style of the food of the establishment, and she'd frequently mess around with the humans that worked there, but in much more harmless ways than the other ghosts might.
2. I think at least one of the ghost kids should be particularly ruthless towards anyone alive who ends up there during the night shift, and would try to kill them because they'd convinced themselves they needed to make them into friends that could join them.  This would be helped if before they died they'd had a somewhat lonely life (one or both parents rarely there, few if any friends, etc.)

1. Be civil. Don't start fights and don't join in them.

2. Certain characters have already been marked for genders. This is just because its what we actually know from the games to be true.  I will also mark genders after someone takes a character just for my own organization. Also, if it gets to the point where one gender is outnumbering the other I may close the signups for whatever gender character is the overpopulating one.
3. What I say goes. Don't argue
4. Oh, let's also get a good range of ages. Don't make all the ghosts young but not of them old either. The group of 4 kids that died will range from 5-13, all the other ghosts should be older than that (save for Golden Freddy).
5. More may come. If they do I'll let everyone know.
6. There will be plenty of very gory deaths during this RP, so just prepare yourselves for that.
7. I'm going to try to set this up in a way to make it (at times) play out like an actual game with mechanics and whatnot.  How exactly this will work will be explained in-depth once it becomes relevant.

Current Characters
Ghost of Freddy (male)- Trainbrain16
Ghost of Bonnie-
Ghost of Chica (female)- Starrnico
Ghost of Foxy-
Ghost of Golden Freddy (Fredbear)-
Ghost of Marionette (female)- Trainbrain16
Ghost of Springtrap (purple guy, male)-  Trainbrain16
Security Guard (very likely to be the first one to die, most likely male)-
Head of Security (male)- Trainbrain16
Other Human (female)- Trainbrain16
Other Human (female)- Starrnico
Other Human (preferably male)-
Other Human (preferably male)-
Other Human-

Age: (for ghosts, age when you died)
What Are You?: (human or ghost)
Favorite Character at Freddy's: (in other words, ghosts; what animatronic is your ghost in control of. humans; can just put any character their human likes)

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Ironwood staff +4(D6/D6 [living ironwood +D4 single handed, +D2 poison on hold], crit x2)

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