Big RP changes

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Please voice your opinion players

Do we keep Empires going?
Do we close Empires?
Do we change Empires to 1vs1?
Do we just make Empires spin offs?
Do we keep Knights Realm?
Do we close Knights Realm?
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Big RP changes

Post by Storytellers CAN on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:28 am


After much thought, I  want to know how players feel about our big RPs.   So a voice and opinion is needed from  my players.

Do we keep or drop Battles of the Empires, or do we drop it.   Options are to turn it into a 1vs1 spin off. Or make new RPs based upon  the  world of BOTE.

Second, do we keep  or strap Knights realm.   

There's  always room to make new RPs

Thank you.


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