New Moon (Shifter, Vampire, Sentinel, Pyte RP) Players Needed

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New Moon (Shifter, Vampire, Sentinel, Pyte RP) Players Needed

Post by Silver176 on Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:27 am

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*Note this was inspired by romance/supernatural book series. Credit goes to the author. If you are interested in reading the book series pm me and I will gladly tell you Smile *

It's important for the humans not to know about the supernatural. Imagine the chaos that it would bring. That's why it's the Sentinels job to keep them in line, but is it enough to maintain those that have the greed for power...

Sentinels: Sentinels are, to put it bluntly, warriors from God. Every 10 years five girls and five boys are born on November 25. Each paired up with their destined mate. They have a brown crescent moon on their navel that turns red when they've touched their mate and black when they've actually mated. They have increased speed and strength and are stationed at compounds all over that house other Sentinels and supernatural that are willingly to help their cause.

Shifters: Shifters are those that are either a wolf or a big cat of some kind. Those that shift into wolves have packs while those that shift into a big cat have prides. Both can shift at anytime and have Alphas, they have increased strength, speed and heightened senses in both forms. Usually own businesses to support their pride or pack.

Vampires: Vampires are those that drink blood and can't walk in the sunlight, yeah you get the picture. There are Master vampires that own covens which are typically 500 years old. Their covens usually consist of younger vampires and thralls. Master vampires are already pretty much rich from deeds they did in the past in order to control their coven.

Pytes: Pytes are like vampire but can only be created if a male vampire by some miracle impregnates a female human. It's rare which is why they are so valuable. They can walk in the sunlight, drink blood, and are warm blooded. They also have increased strength, speed and heightened senses. They can turn a human into a Pyte one time, unlike regular vampires they can have children. P When a Pyte is born they will have to drink blood and eat regular food in order to grow appropriately. At 16 they go into a month long coma and during that month they change into a full grown adult at 25.


1)  I know Pytes would be cool to rp but keep in mind that they are rare. I can't have a bunch of requests to play as Pytes. If we have a small group I will only allow a couple of Pytes. If by some miracle we have a lot more people I will allow a few more Pytes, though it will still depend on how large the group is.

2) Respect each other, if you're having a disagreement resolve it in pm or contact me if you can't seem to get anywhere with the other person.

3) I will create a chat thread for suggestions of plot ideas. Don't be afraid to speak your ideas I will always have an open mind for them Smile 

4) Don't be afraid to ask any question about the rp Smile Ask your questions in the chat thread in case someone else had the same question and I will gladly answer them.

5) In fights rp fairly

6) Romance and swearing is allowed but follow the forum rules

7) Have fun! Very Happy 

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