WHY are you Railroading us?!

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WHY are you Railroading us?!

Post by Tyg3rW01f on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:46 pm

This is a question I've been asked before by RL players of the is mod when I ran it last week at my local game store.

The answer is this: The encounters in the beginning of the mod are largely scripted to come out a specific way to get the players to understand the very real and very grave danger their characters are in because of the EVIL behind the Azure Bonds.

SEMI-SPOILER: a level 20 Balrog is the real power behind the tattoos' compulsions. Yes, think

PLEASE stick with it, PLEASE keep up the awesome rp you've already done, and I promise you, great rewards are to be had by all.

PS... if Cuan rides to the rescue, it's because your dice are trying to kill you. I'm a fellow D&D player, and I know what it's like.
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