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on Fri May 13, 2016 11:29 am
@Charles Whitney
@Storytellers CAN

Here's how Legendary Items ((Leg-Ites)) will work:

-- Each Leg-Ite is an item or weapon or armor forged by the Lawful Neutral god/dess of Item Craft; only the Hammer and Forge of said god/dess can destroy these items.

-- No Leg-Ite can be an already-named magic item (i.e., Ring of Feather-Fall, or Helm of Brilliance.))

-- Each Leg-Ite was once possessed by the Original Heroes, men and women of the same demigod vein as Hercules, Perceus, Pandora, Atalantia, Jason of the Argonauts. The items have been passed down through EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE bloodlines, although the Leg-Ites may or may not still be in the hands of those bloodlines.

-- Most Leg-Ite's will be discovered, but those few (approved by DM) that are already in character possession will have been given by Masters, Mentors, etc.

-- ALL Leg-Ite's are REQUIRED to fit the character's class or Prestige class.

-- ONE and ONLY ONE Leg-Ite per Player Character.

-- Every single Leg-Ite appears --at first examination-- to be in extremely poor shape. No matter its appearance, however, each Leg-Ite is --in fact-- utterly indestructible. Only the god/dess of Item Craft can destroy them.

-- The Maker's Mark upon each Leg-Ite is, upon first examination, so faint as to be almost undetectable to the average eye, but in the hands of the intended recipient, and within 10 feet of no fewer than two other Leg-Ites, the mark becomes more readily visible.

-- Every single Leg-Ite is inactive unless held by the intended recipient.

-- Every single Leg-Ite WEAPON will possess a +1 TO HIT.
-- Each Leg-Ite ARMOR will posses a +1 Damage Reduction, negating a SINGLE point of damage.
-- Each Leg-Ite ITEM will possess a CLASS-SPECIFIC magic property of cantrip-level, usable ONCE PER WEEK.

-- Two major side quests are required to unseal the full power of the Leg-Ites: the Calling/Gathering/Drawing of the Heroes...

There is more to it, but this is all you PC's are allowed to know atm
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