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•{Dungeon Master}•
•{Dungeon Master}•
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Alignments Allowed By DM-Tyg3rW01f Empty Alignments Allowed By DM-Tyg3rW01f

on Sun May 01, 2016 11:05 am
As Dungeon Master of the D&D Forum, I have a few things I have to address.

ROGUE Players -- These are Player Characters (PCs) who don't feel they fit into any one particular group, but may join one group or another in order to accomplish a shared goal, then leave said Group.

GROUP Players -- These are PCs who band together with a common goal or enemy and stick together through thick and thin like a wolf pack.

THAT explained...

As a Dungeon Master, and a "person of Fai+h", I have a conflict of conscience and interest when it comes to playing most Evil-aligned characters. I have no qualms about making a Storyline for thusly-aligned PCs, but be aware that I WILL, AT EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY, make it incredibly, and often INCREASINGLY, difficult, if not impossible to avoid Law & Order, and should the crimes require, Execution.

PCs will have very little if anything to worry about if they adhere to the following Alignments:
Lawful Good
Lawful Neutral
Neutral Good
True Neutral
Chaotic Good
Chaotic Neutral

Be aware that I will allow Lawful Evil, so long as it is played in the mindset of a corrupt cop/politician, or a military officer who turns a blind eye to minor offenses, or is on the payroll of a large corporation to let them slide on very minor offenses, until things get "out of hand".
In the event I notice you're pushing the envelope, I WILL -without notice- END your character in every way I can conceive.
Storytellers CAN
Storytellers CAN
♡The Mistress ♡
♡The Mistress ♡
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Alignments Allowed By DM-Tyg3rW01f Empty Re: Alignments Allowed By DM-Tyg3rW01f

on Sun May 01, 2016 5:24 pm
Would  probably  be  best to describe  the  'evil' limitations of practices allowed and which dieties my be excluded  thereof.  But as for  evil alighned characters, they are subject  to  the  mercy of the dice regardless.

I have seen and agree that  chaotic evil needs limits such as no  ripping  women's  guts out  and feeding on the unborn.  It makes most players uncomfortable.  Neutral evil are more  independent  and may just  be thieves.   Murderers, of course subject to law.... hence why Sckog has a high price  on his head, but he is also an npc.


Alignments Allowed By DM-Tyg3rW01f Story10
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