My 30 About Me!

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My 30 About Me!

Post by SirenFlame on Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:31 pm

1: Which animal would you rather be if you weren't a human, a dog or a cat? Give a reason. I'd rather be a cat because cats can land on their feet, they're more agile, they can see in the dark, and they hate me XD
2: Describe yourself in three words. Enthusiastically relentless spaz
3: Choose one or the other; tomboyish or girly. Tomboyish
4: PICTURE THIS: The world is coming to an end. If you could get away with anything that can get you in jail for these days, what would you do? Say good-bye to my family members, my friends, and the world Very Happy 
5: What kind of guy would you look for when dating? A relentless guy who does random stuff to get a few laughs and a guy who is just like me in more than one way
6: If I could go back in time and change some embarrassing, depressing moment in your life to make it better, what would it be? The time I decided to stop brushing my teeth for good and not go see a dentist not once in my teeth are the worst, and I'd go back in time and make myself brush my teeth daily and see the dentist annually, then my teeth would be straight, pearly white, and my breath wouldn't literally kick people in the face
7: Choose one of the following that best describes your personality: 
[X] Dorky and talkative
[ ] Shy and sensitive
[ ] Mean and stubborn
[ ] Caring and calm
8: A friend is being bullied by a boy at school. He keeps on punching your friend in the arms and torso. What do you do? I run full throttle towards the bully, slam him into the tiled floor, and kick his balls until they bleed
9: How do you think your friends describe you as? The dorky jokester
10: If anyone met you first the time, how do you think they'd react to your personality, and how would they describe you? This is a really tough question! To be completely honest, it all depends on the person I'm meeting's personality. If they are the slow-thinking type, then they'd probably back away slowly, smiling nervously. If they are really like me, then they'd probably be like "Lets hang out sometime!". The slow-thinker would describe me as "weirdo", and the person like me would describe me as "awesome"

11: What is your favorite color? To be honest, I don't really have a favorite color, because what color's not to love?! :3
12: What is your favorite animal? Wolves
13: What is your favorite Band? I don't really have a favorite, as long as their music is liked by my eardrums, I like it Razz
14: What is your favorite food? Junk food......chips, brownies, nachos, you name it!
15: What is your favorite anime? I don't really have a chosen favorite yet, but so far those that come close are Inuyasha, Noir, Wolf's Rain, Spice and Wolf, and Black Butler
16: What is your favorite book genre? Mostly science fiction
17: What is your favorite movie? Spirited Away
18: What is your favorite type of car? Jaguar
19: What is your favorite anime character? The score for this is tied between Inuyasha, Holo from Spice and Wolf, and Toboe from Wolf's Rain
20: What is your favorite kind of bug? Butterfly

21: What gender do you prefer? Male
22: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Living on a ranch surrounded by animals near a beautiful lake somewhere on a mountain
23: What do you do in your free time? Read books, play video games, watch TV, eat, sleep, hang out with friends, get on the computer, get on Quotev, write stories, and draw
24: What kind of careers are you interested in? Poet, novelist, police officer on K-9 unit, dog trainer, painter, singer, songwriter, and graphic artist
25: Which do you think is more important to you; your love life or your happiness in your hobbies? My happiness in my hobbies
26: If you could change your name to be anything you'd want in to be, what would you change it to?: Alexis
27: If you were really bored at home, what most likely would you be doing to pass the time? Good question! Ummmm, read books, be on the computer, text my friends, start a new story to write, doodle, and do something on my two roleplaying websites
28: Pick the one that bests describes your interests in future careers:
[X] Graphic artist, writer, poet
[ ] Fire fighter, nurse, doctor
[ ] Teacher, professor, college mentor
[ ] Lawyer, marketer, office assistant
29: Pick one: Creativity skills, social skills, or financial skills: Creativity skills
30: What kind of topics in school do you do best at?: I have more than one. There's English, Biology, Art, Spanish, and Algebra.

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Re: My 30 About Me!

Post by Storytellers CAN on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:46 pm

Shocked  Hellooooo XD


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