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Sleek Rock Falls (Marked Wolves) Empty Sleek Rock Falls (Marked Wolves)

on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:37 am
Sleek Rock Falls is nothing more than a good-sized waterfall at the end of the river upstream. It is a good place to relax and escape the terrifying world around it. At the base of the falls is a wonderful pond that is gentle and current-free. Several large boulders surround the small pond.

Last edited by Draxion on Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:47 am; edited 1 time in total

Sleek Rock Falls (Marked Wolves) Empty Re: Sleek Rock Falls (Marked Wolves)

on Thu Nov 05, 2015 2:16 am
After a nice flight through the sky with his newly found friend, Livia, Ari decided to escort her safely to a place he knew from memories from his days as a young wolf. Sleek Rock Falls was that place - it was also the closest place nearby. Ari landed gently on the dirt next to the pond, slowly tucking in his wings and barely closing his eyes. He loved the peaceful sound of the falls entering his eardrums.

She landed gently next to him, but stumbled a little from her legs still being tired from running. She stretched and then immediately laid down afterwards. "So what do we do now?" She asked him, glancing curiously in his direction

The relaxed male opened his eyes and blinked a few times to get used to the light reflecting off the sparking pool and shining brightly. "Um... this is where you wanted to go, yes?" Ari questioned and moved out of the way to allow her some room to lay down comfortably. Even though they were getting along, he still didn't trust her fully just yet. "Far away from the humans."

"Yes it is. Thank you." She told him politely, figuring she should be nice since they are the only known wolves left to exist. She rested her head on her front paws, wings laying against her sides." I dont feel like talking about my pack, if you want to know of them." She told him calmy, watching the water fall down into a small pond

At first the lone male just gave her a look and then smirked weakly. "I wasn't going to ask about them," he replied softly and gradually fell to the ground into the same position she was in. "In fact I refuse to cause this is a very peaceful place and it's no place for sorrows." Ari stretched out his front paws before tucking them gently underneath his furry, thick belly. He then let out a large yawn, growing weary by the minute. "Grieving is okay though, Livia."

She didnt say anything else to him, but continued to watch the water down below. It eventually made her fall asleep. She was too tired to move and she also agreed with him. This place being so peaceful was what she needed, to help ease her mind from what just recently happened.

After Ari witnessed her fall into a slumber by the spell of the peaceful beauty of the falls and nearby wilderness, he let out another yawn before drooping his head down to the ground. He closed his eyes and let his ears carefully listened while he gradually drifted to sleep. His wings fell to his sides to cover himself from any unwanted cool winds.

Time skip to later that day, close to nightfall.

Livia woke up to a cool breeze blowing into the small area. She covered herself with her wings and noticed how dark it was getting. She quietly stood up and stretched, and then sat down and stared out into the forest. She didnt know what to do, without her pack, especially without her parents to help guide her. She felt very lonely, but knew she had Ari next to her.

Ari wasn't bothered at all by the cool, blowing breeze since he had already used his heavily feathered wings to cover himself like a thick quilt. The male was very light sleeper and therefore her movements off the ground and stretching woke up. His eyes fluttered open and viewed her way. "What is wrong?" Ari asked her curiously before yawning again. He didn't even care it was darker out.

"I dont know what to do anymore. I dont have my pack, my parents, no one. The only other wolf like me that is alive is you." She told him, still staring into the now dark forest. She could see clearly because of her night vision, granted to her from her marking. She didn't spot any movement, which calmed her nerves a little.

Because she wouldn't look at him when chatting, Ari peered at wherever her eyes viewed. Of course his vision was nowhere near as perfect as hers in the darkness. Everything was completely black. "What are you looking at?" he questioned curiously and turned his head, turning his gaze back. "There is nothing out there and nor do I hear anything."

"I am just looking. Doing this, since i can see clearly at night, helps calm me down. I feel at ease when i am in the darkness." She answered him calmly, turning her head to look at him, which from the night vision, made her eyes glow a dark green just barely visible. Her purple markings glowed a little, but only faintly. Her wings were relaxed at the sides still, as she turned her head back to look at the forest

Ari chuckled at her response since he couldn't see anything with his non-magical vision compared to the perfect one she. Her eyes glowing, along with her faded purple markings, the male found intriguing. Unlike her of course, Ari didn't mind the darkness nor found it soothing. "What do you see?" he asked.

"Nothing besides trees." She told him, and laid back down. She curled up into a ball, her eyes still a dim green. She wasn't tired, just bored and feeling neglected. She had to do something about the humans, she had to get revenge. That was the only thing on her mind at the moment, but she had no clue how she was going to put an end to them.

Ari only shrugged to her reply and watched her curl into an orb, in the darkness, on the cold hard ground. Just like her, he didn't know what to do either, only be there with her since it seemed they were the very last of their kind. "Okay," was all he said before getting up and wandering around the area. Even though it was dark, the moonlight did light up enough for him to see the ground.

"Where are you going?" She asked him as she watched him get up and move around. It was easy to see him, but she knew it was slightly difficult for him, even with the moonlight. She spotted something off in the distance, but realized it was only a bird. She hoped the humans wouldn't come into the forest, but she guessed they might.

In his tracks, Ari stopped and view her though only saw the slight glow of her eyes and purple markings in the darkness. "I am just pacing to keep my mind set off our situation, Livia," he answered calmly and sighed after. A moment of walking for a few more seconds, he sat down and curled his paws in. "Why?"

"Just wondering." She told him, still watching him in the darkness. She then decided to roll over on her back to scratch it, and then rolled back over onto her stomach. She was getting hungry, but knew there was little in the forest for the both of them.

After another heavy sigh, the peaceful place started to grow a little sorrow from the depressing atmosphere. The gray colors didn't make it any better either, only the fact that animals didn't roam much of this area. "This is going to be harder than I thought," Ari expressed softly out loud while stretching his wings.

Yes it is. Any ideas on where we can hunt? I am getting hungry." She told him, standing up and stretching her wings. This place was becoming gloomy, but the dark seemed to soothe her in a way. She was now restless and wanted something to do.

After the much needed stretch after the long sleep, Ari tucked his wings back and yawned one last time. "I know a place we can hunt, sure, but I don't know what could be left after those humans took everything to feed themselves," he said back and looked up into the night sky. "That, and I'm not sure what would be left out here in the darkness."

"Alright. Then i guess it's better to wait until morning." She told him, sitting back down and tucking her wings in. She had no idea what to do, except sit and wait. Her future of becoming Alpha Female of her pack ruined, because of the humans. She growled at the thought and then shook her head, knowing she couldn't get revenge yet

He nodded softly. "Yes, morning would be better since I can't see crap in this darkness... unlike you could I'm sure," Ari said and laid back down. He wasn't at all tired and it was going to be a very long night since they both slept half the day, exhausted from the chase earlier that morning. "I'm also sure neither of us are tired enough to sleep until then either, right?"

"You are correct. I am not tired now at all." She replied to him, glancing in his direction. Her tail twitched with anxiousness. She needed something to do, but had no clue what.

"In that case, maybe we should explore around this area to see if there are any humans, the very same that chased us off, around here," suggested the male. His eyes did somewhat glow in the dark but not as much as hers. His markings and fur glowed even brighter from being as white as snow. "What do you think?"

"That is fine with me." She answered and got up. She began to walk in the direction they had arrived from, looking around. They needed to be far away from this area for them to sniff better. She was worried his fur and markings would give them away, if there were any humans nearby

Ari searched around in the other direction, making sure to keep himself well hidden in the heavy foliage the forest provided. The cover of darkness also assisted with that. He sniffed the air and picked up something very strange. It worried him and therefore, he let out a soft yelping sound to alert Livia to the scene.

She heard his yelps of alertness and quickly made her way to him."what is it?" She asked him quietly. Glancing around using her night vision

Ari remained hidden in the heavy vegetation when she arrived at where he was located. He turned his head to see her faded glow and whispered, "Do you smell that?" He sniffed the air again just to be sure he was correct he picked up the right scent. "Smells like humans are nearby."

She sniffed the air after he mentioned that, and indeed smelled them. A deep growl could be heard from her throat as she looked around. It took her a minute to find them, and when she did the hair on her back and neck rose. She kept low to the ground and as she watched them, poking the bushes with weird sticks.

Humans were searching the forest for any signs of the Marked Wolves since they were technically on their crusade to rid them all from the world. Just like Livia discovered they were poking heavy bushes in the night with long, wooden sticks. "Did you hear that?" one of the strapping men whispered since Ari accidentally sneezed loudly. After he realized what had just happened, he went dead silent.

She crouched close to Ari, staying as silent as possible. She didnt want them to spot her or him, but if they did she would attack. She wanted her revenge desperately, but she didnt make any noise.

Ari peeked out of his hiding spot where he was with the female and noticed there were only three out there searching nearby the falls and pond. Instantly a thought of courage rained in his head that maybe he and her can actually take them on. Thinking carefully about their situation, Ari gently turned his head to Livia and smirked evilly. "Want to taste human?" he asked in a very quiet tone.

She only looked at him with her glowing eyes, indicating her response as a yes. She quietly stalked forward, turning into a shade. She wanted revenge enough to kill the humans, every one of them. Her mouth curled into a snarl, as she neared one of them. She waited for Ari to be in position so they could attack at the same time.

Ari was determined to rid the humans from his favorite and secret place in the woods that he could easily escape from any stressful and upsetting situation. 'Okay," was all he said after he saw the female vanish into the darkness, which only concealed her more. He concentrated very hard on the pond behind the three scouting men and bent the water in place to slowly make it rise though not enough to make it spill over the bank.

She finally growled loudly and sttacked one of the humans, aiming for one of its legs. She bit down hard, tasting blood, and she then shook her head violently. She glanced for a second at Ari's position and then back on the human, knowing he was using his powers.

The minute she exposed herself and took a decent chunk out of the man's left leg, the other men quickly sprung into action with their weapons and attempted to strike down Livia. Luckily for her, Ari concentrated enough to bend the water out of the pond enough to fill over the bank and wash away the bastards. All except the one she attacked first. The two men went for a ride with the runoff. After the men were submerged in the water, the male used his other power to freeze it into ice.

With the human's blood on her mouth, dripping from her teeth, she attacked the human again. This time she grabbed one of his arms and again, bit down hard. She drew blood once more, snarling viciously at it. She was in a rage only one would be able to stop, and she hoped in her mind he would be able to. Because since the first bite, her blood lust was almost uncontrollable. Her eyes were green slits compared to their full round size not moments ago. She then took her jaws off his arm and moved in on his neck. In one bite, she killed the human quickly, blood shooting from its neck onto her face and chest. She stood there, not even panting, and glared maliciously at the other two humans, not knowing them to be dead from Ari.

The other two ruthless humans were frozen to death by the now glacier of water frozen to the ground. Ari simply snorted and turned around, leaving them in their ice prison. The using of his powers did exhaust him a little bit; therefore he was slow to grasp the reality of what just happened. Mindless savages! he cursed himself in his mind while trailing back to Livia. Ari stopped and widened his eyes at the sight of the female covered in the blood of her victim. "Are you alright?" he questioned softly.

She just growled menacingly, barely registering him near her. All she wanted to do at that moment was kill, without mercy. Her eyes still slits, she continued staring in the direction of the other two humans. She had noticed them indeed frozen, but did not believe them to be dead. She let out a terrifying snarl, blood still dripping from her fangs and mouth.

Ari had a calmer nature and he knew how to full well control his blood lust for killing things without mercy. He learned that way from being a rogue most of his life. "Whoa, calm down, Livia," he said softly and would use the same tactic he used on the humans if needed to restrain her from hurting herself, him, or anything else that was in the way.

Her eyes faltered a little at the sound of his voice, but her rage was still there. It would have to take him a lot more than just words to fully calm her down. She replayed a scene in her head where she went into a rage just like this, her father being the only one there. He soothed and calmed her down just by touching his muzzle to the top of her head. He had done it, even if he got injured being so close to her, because he had believed in her and knew she could control it eventually. She remembered being a young adolescent wolf, having killed a human when it tried to kill her... Outside her mind, all she looked like was a more vicious version of her younger self, once again unable to control her rage.

Ari had little choice and used what energy he had left to bend the water back from the pond to allow it to spill over the bank again and then wash over her. It splashed in heavy volumes reaching over to the outraged wolf and once her fur got soaked, Ari used his power again to freeze the liquid in place but left the top of her exposed so she could breathe. She was now encased in an ice chamber similar to the humans.

The cold water and ice quickly calmed her down, leaving her shocked. It also washed some of the blood off, but not all. She was now glaring at him, her eyes back to normal. Her black fur was soaked through, which she did not like, but knew she couldn't be mad at him. She gave him a soft growl, unable to move her body, only her neck and head. She then thought about what she did, saying to her new friend," i am sorry. I..i could have hurt you. And i dont want to." She flattened her ears back and looked away from him, guilt clawing at her. She was upset with herself for what she did, as she not only put herself in danger, she put him in it as well.

Ari held the ice there in place until the angered female calmed down enough to where she was no longer a threat. He stared at her intently the whole time and once she lowered her ears he quickly knew she was ready to be released. "Yes, you could had hurt me and yourself for that matter," the concerned male replied back softly. "And for that reason I trapped you in ice. Are you calm now?"

She didnt answer him for a moment, still not looking at him."yes i am calm now." She replied to him softly, feeling ashamed for her actions. She knew she had to be careful, since they were the only known survivors. She felt she could trust him, but not sure if he could trust her. She needed the company of another wolf, and knew she would have to stay with him, to help keep her calm and alive instead of dead.

And just like that, Ari used his powers yet again to unfreeze the water by raising it's temperature. He didn't rise high enough to where it would burn her, only enough to cause the ice to melt at a nice, steady pace. As the frozen tomb melted away her body gradually escaped and soon enough she was free and fell to the ground... still soaked. Ari quickly collapsed on the ground after using so much powers in so little time.

After collapsing from being released, she quickly looked in his direction after hearing him collapse as well."Ari! Are you all right?" She asked him, concern showing in her voice. She crawled over to him and gently nosed his shoulder, making sure he hadnt passed out. Luckily for her she wasnt freezing now, but still soaked with water. She made a small whining noise to know if he heard her or not.

Ari barely opened his eyes, still beat from being weary, and grinned. "Yeah... but I'm very glad you're doing better," he said slowly since the pain forced him very little movements as possible. He shivered a little since the water was still present in both their furs and it was very windy out. Chilly, he began to crawl toward the pond.

She sighed with relief and watched him crawl, seeing him go toward the pond. She too began to feel cold, but would not find the water as calm and soothing as him. She needed warm air, or a nest of some sort made from feathers. She couldn't stay out in the windy environment for long, but did so for her friend.

The minute Ari's tired body fell into the pond, he used his power to gently raise the water's temperature to make it comfortable for him to escape the cold. It was a very slow process since his energy was nearly gone. After it was warm enough to get away from the chilly winds above, he stopped the power and literally laid on his back while treading lightly. "Ah... that's better."

She watched him curiously as he went to the pond. She had never seen a wolf with his powers do that, and so she found it a little intriguing. Even though she was now cold from the wind and water, she didn't want to go near any more water. Almost drowning and then being frozen, she was beginning to fear the water... Her mind wandering on its own, she found herself staring at him, as he laid on his back. She quickly looked away, now gazing into the forest.

After a few more moments of enjoying the warm waters of the pond, Ari turned his head to look into her direction though only opening one eye to see her. "Hey, come on in, Livia," he insisted with a very calm tone - partly due to the water being so relaxing. "The water is very warm and it feels heavenly from the cold."

Odd. That was the first word that came into the wolf's thoughts as the chilly autumn winds on her wings suddenly felt just the soft touch of a tinge of warmth from below. She looked down to see a small pond, but from her height the most she could make out from its two guests were dots. Intrigued, she began to circle to lower, her bends large a curved. Before she landed, she caught the glimpse of the two wolves, which she had assumed were originally rocks, on the pond. Her body disappeared into the underbrush of the surrounding area, where she landed and stilled, wondering had these two beings even seen her, and whether they were a threat.

Another part of her, however, was in elation. Those wolves had had wings like her. She hadn't seen her kind since she had lost her father. So, we're still out and about, eh?...

"I dont like water too much. After what happened earlier.. Almost drowning, and then being frozen." She told him, shaking her head gently at his offer. She heard a small rustle somewhere in the woods and looked around, using her night vision to see. She indeed saw something, far off into the distance but it was only a blur.

Ari was very puzzled since, even though it was quite cold out and more so for her since her fur was soaked with water, she still refused to get into something that was warm and refreshing from the chill. "But... it's warm in here," he said slowly and noticed her head snapped to whatever was stalking the two wolves. "What is it?"

Nightshade's ears flicked towards the direction of the wolves. So, they notice me. No point in hiding, really. She rose from her land and casually began to trot towards the duo, acting as if she not a care in the world, although she had no reason to not believe these two would attack her out of spite. Still, it wasn't every day she would meet a marked wolf.

She took a few more steps closer to the pond, obviously not bothering to hide herself as her head rose above the shelter of the shrubbery as two eyes, one a deep rustic violet while the other a startling vivid orange, locked onto the pair of canines in silence.

"There is something or someone out there, i cant tell what though. Too far to see well." She told him quietly, keeping her eyes on the area. Even if he dragged her into the pond for her to get warm, she would most likely claw at him or growl. Finally spotting the creature, she realized it was another wolf just like them. Just to be wary she let out a warning growl to the wolf, noticing her green marks. She slowly made her way to the pond, not wanting the female to attack Ari whike he was resting.

Nightshade blinked slowly, as if in a deep thought. With a face of stone and still silent, she simply flicked her ears back at the growl, showing the sign of no harm. The stub of her tail relaxed as she casually flicked her ears forward again and tilted her head, like a curious child. Her mouth spread into a soft smirk as she still did not speak.

Even though Ari was relaxing nicely in his self-made hot tub, Livia's growl to the stranger caused him to get back to dog-paddling the water to see what she growled at. He tread gently toward the shore and brought himself to view the very thing he thought he wouldn't ever see again - another Marked Wolf. Wow! he thought freely to himself and fixed his eyes upon her. His tail wagging from curiosity.

Nightshade blinked, her smirk softening at the friendlier greeting of the male. Her dual-colored gaze studying them both. Blue. Her mind said simply as she noted Ari. ... And violet. She finished as she noticed the marking on Livia. She gave the female a rather haughty smile, but her voice was low and calm, and would almost be described as upsetting. "It's been a while since I've come across one of my own. And here I thought I'd seen the last of us."

Livia relaxed a little, still keeping a closer distance to Ari. "Talk about the last, we thought we were. But apparently not. Why are you alone?" She asked the female warily, not trustful of her. She wanted to know why there was another like them alive.

Ari stopped wagging his tail after the stranger began to speak, which of course he knew she would be able to since him and Livia speak to each other with ease. He bowed his head in a respectful manner showing he was very happy to see another of his kind here in the same forest humans were roaming not too long ago. "Greetings, stranger. My name is Ari."

"I don't know, why are you two alone yourselves?" Nightshade asked in a slightly sarcastic tone, after a second of quiet, she continued in a softer voice, "I think it'd be obvious why I would be alone, wouldn't it?"

Furthermore, why would it matter? Nightshade finished to herself quietly. They were alone, that was it. There needn't be a reason. It just happens. She studies these two some more. Her orange eye became its odd form of insanity as it twitched back into position to focus after beginning to spin oddly. She blinked. "My pleasure, Ari. You may call me Nightshade." the female replied, proudly bearing the same name of a most deadly plant.

"Our packs were killed." She simply said and then added," my name is Livia." She sat down and kept her eyes a dim green, night vision still in use. She tucked her wings in to her back, and watched the female carefully.

Ari was still laying on the bank, his lower half in water, as he looked and observed the two females converse to each other about the species and getting to know names. He bobbed his head softly to Nightshade when she addressed him politely. Then he lowered it after hearing Livia talking about the deceased packs. It brought back painful memories.

"Pleasure, Livia." The green marked said simply, nodding. "I believe the death of our packs are the fate of every remainder of our kind." Nightshade sat and folded her wings, her little stub out like a rabbit's cottontail.

Ari finally emerged out of the water once the chilly wind died down a great amount and just took a seat nearby the bank. He curled his long white-and-blue bushy tail around his body for added warmth in case the wind picked up unexpectedly again. Even though his fur was soaked from the recent swim, he oddly found being wet soothing. It was the same feeling Livia got from being in the dark. "Indeed, that is true, Nightshade... but one thing is for certain. If we three are here still alive, I'm sure there are more of us out there."

Nightshade titled her head to the side, her odd gaze deep in thought. After a second she nodded, "Yes, that is most likely true. Even humans, despite the intelligence they have to invent the things they can do not have the abilities that we naturally have. It's unlikely that we are the last."

He nodded after her response just as she did. "Yes, they do have the brainpower to develop amazing things as I've seen them used on us back in my pup days. It intrigues me on how they can use such things without the use of magic or whatever gifts we are born with," Ari explained calmly. He finally laid down since he figured the conversation would go on for a while as they rested.

Livia just listened to them, laying down after a while as well. She tucked her front paws in and moved her head from one wolf to the other as they spoke. Each time she heard anything about the humans, her anger grew a little. She hated those creatures and wanted them gone, as they took everyone she loved from her, and they did the same to Nightshade and Ari. She knew their pain, and wanted revenge for them as well.

"Indeed," Nightshade mused, "They may be enemies, but they are definitely enemies to be reckoned with." The green-marked she-wolf eventually lied down as well, joining them. "Though they do create some pretty useful things. I saw a child of their kind once, out collecting various knick knacks from the forest. He was carrying them in something. It made him able to carry lots of things at once. It was like a little portable hole that he carried." She sighed, daydreaming. "How I would love to get my paws on one of those."

Ari chuckled warmly to her thoughts and explanation of the human's wonderful creations. He nodded and yawned once from being tired from using up his powers still. "Indeed that would awesome if we can make such things, but I'm sure one day one of use will figure out how to master our powers to invent such a pouch looking thing."

"It wouldn't be mine, that's for sure." She replied, with Ari's yawn becoming contagious. "Why are you so tired?" Her wingspan opened as she stretched, realizing she had been flying all day as well. Her body curled a bit to get more comfortable.

Livia did not yawn like the other two did. Instead, all she did was look out into the forest. She needed the comfort of her parents, even though she was no longer an adolescent. She let her wings fall to her sides, so she could be better shielded from the wind.

The only male nodded his head to Nightshade's question but answered clearly with, "I am tired because her and I just murdered three humans that didn't belong to this sacred place. I will not have those beings in this area... it's too precious to me." He tensed his muscles at the thought of the humans defiling and destroying the falls. "I'm sorry.... it just bothers me at what they do. Speaking of... " he then went quiet and intently eyed her. "How did you find this place?"

"I wandered," Nightshade answered simply, "And I happened to feel a warmth on the autumn breeze, so I was curious." She motioned to the pool tat was warmer than it should be. She paused, her orange eye beginning to skitter about again in thought before she focused it back into place. "This is a sacred place?"

Ari smiled warmly and shifted his gaze between the two female wolves and the heated pond, though stopped at Nightshade after she asked that question. "Yes, Nightshade, it is very sacred to me since just look at," he replied and gestured her to see for herself. "Can you not see it's beauty? That and it hasn't bee touched by the filthy humans yet."

"I have a sacred place as well, however it is beyond these woods. My parents and i used to go to it, as a way to relax and be free of the stress that was put on them." Livia mentioned, glancing down at the ground as she remembered the place. She wanted to to there but knew it would bring back so many memories

Nightshade blinked, never being one for sentimental values. "I see. I don't have such a thing. It must be nice to have something to home to, aye?" The she wolf turned her head to gaze at the serenity. "It is very lovely here. Am I intruding?"

Ari shook his head to the stranger, clearing showing he was happy to have two of his kind by his side. He only wished there were more so they could bond together and increase in numbers and strength to not appear weak against the humans. "No, you're totally fine, Nightshade for being here," he replied calmly. "I welcome any Marked Wolf here." Then he turned his attention to Livia. "What is your place like?"

She looked at Ari after he questioned her, and she looked around as if expecting something but she was not. She finally answered," my place is in a forest as well, but much more green and alive feeling than this. In that forest there is a small clearing with a couple of dens. That is where we hsed to go. It is so beautiful there, i just hope the humans have not found or ruined it yet."

Ari heavily sighed after the thought of such a beautiful place, far more gorgeous than here. He mostly enjoyed the fact it was greener and provided several dens unlike the Gray Woods that only provided the - not shockingly - grayish color from the dense fog ever present there. "That does sound lovely, Livia... think you could ever take us there?" he requested softly.

"Possibly. We would most likely have to go past the humans again. Not through them, but past their borders." She informed him, tucking her wings in tighter to her back. She watched him for his expression, wondering what his thoughts are from what she told him.

Ari widened his eyes and tucked his ears back against his head at that very thought of them trespassing on the human's land. Risking the knowledge that more existed out here when they believed they wiped out the entire species. Of course that was far from the truth since the ones that chased off Ari and Livia through the fog lost their targets and returned home. "How far?" Ari then asked after the thought processed.

"I am not sure from here. I am not really familiar with this forest. The only thing I remember when we used to go there was a creek with red and blue flowers. It was just before the clearing." She told him, feeling confident in her knowledge and memories of the place. It would probably be safer there than here." There is usually lots of deer there for us to hunt." She added, glancing from Nightshade to Ari.

Nightshade blinked again, almost astounded by the openness of these two wolves as Livia glanced over at her. "You... Are comfortable with me coming along?" Her tone was surprised but grateful at the same time. Her gaze gleamed with the idea of finding a place to live near many sources of poisons to work with. Her stubby tail flicked in ecstasy of the idea.

Livia smiled and gave a small nod." Of course i am alright with it. Since us three are the only ones known to live right now, we must stick together. It would be easier for us to survive this way." She pointed out, wrapping her tail over her front paws as she sat up.

Ari wasn't in any hurry to get to the wonderful place that sounded like a paradise from a good dream. He was still soaked and the chilly wind prevented him from getting up off the ground and out of his blanket he made from his wings covering himself. "I'll admit... that does sound like a paradise, Livia," he said softly and then eyed Nightshade. "Why wouldn't you be allowed to come with us?"

Nightshade blinked at these two. How strange. She let off a toothy grin which a light chuckle, "I didn't expect you to be so open with a stranger, however I accept your offer in gratitude." The wolf stretched and fluffed up her own feathers. Eyeing them both, although their ease made her own self uneasy. Even suspicious, but she hid her misgivings. For now, anyway. "When do you plan on leaving, then?"

Ari chuckled with her since the toothy grin was funny looking but he shrugged shortly after to her question. "Not sure," he replied and peered at Livia. "You're the one that knows where it is, Livia. We can go whenever you're ready but let's wait a few more minutes to rest. I'm still a little weary from using so much energy on those drat humans."

"Lets wait until in the morning. That way we are rested good." She told him, glancing around. She was tired from all that happened, and knew they needed rest.

Resting was something Ari could definitely need, even though he slept nearly half the day before the three humans trespassed on the sacred grounds. Indeed he was a little tired and worn out from using every bit of energy could muster for his powers to work. "Yes, I can agree with that, Livia," he said back to her softly. "That way, it wouldn't be so dark out. Only you have that amazing vision, not us."

"Then we sleep." Nightshade said, curling up in the ground right where she was. She wasn't sure about these two, but she knew if they pulled any funny business all she had to do was get close enough to touch... With that comforting thought on her mind, the green marked wolf soon fell into a light sleep.

Ari soon drifted to sleep after laying on the ground and covering himself up with his wings for added protection from the cold kind of like a fancy windbreaker. His long, bushy white and blue tail was peacefully wrapped around his body and so was his four paws.

Livia soon fell asleep as well, laying on her side. She was a little closer to Ari, as she had more trust in him than Nightshade. She was exhausted from being frozen and fighting with the humans. She hoped she knew how to get to the place she knew of, as she wasnt sure how long it would take for them to areive there. She just wanted to be in a safer place where she felt at home.


Nightshade would be the first to wake, and she would wake early. She quietly crept away for a morning hunt. Though it took her well over an hour, and the two would most likely have been awake by the time she returned, she got lucky. Within her hunt, she managed to find the entrance to a rabbit colony. A few spooks and digging at the entrance rendered fleeing prey in every direction, but she only needed three. Whenever one passed her, and simple brush of the nose caused them to collapse. Knock outs successful.

With three unfortunate souls rounded up, she made their deaths quick. With two in her mouth and one tucked under her chin, she sauntered back to the resting place. She quietly placed their meals near each one before taking her own and sitting near the edge of the pool, staring out at the water in thought.

Morning of course dawned and by the time the female generously brought them all a meal, Ari woke up at the smell of fresh meat nearby. He stirred, yawned, and waited a few minutes for his weary eyes to adjust to the morning light. Once they were fully in vision, Ari peered around at the source and saw the dead rabbit nearby. Puzzling, he looked around and saw Nightshade was up but not Livia - he thought it was her. "Nightshade?" he asked her softly.

"Hmm?" The female had her eyes closed, still thinking. What can I do. Surely there's a benefit from sticking around these two? Her mind wrapped around several options. Something she could do that could benefit her. She kept her back turned, her gaze cold and calculating. It would draw suspicion if she showed them.

"Did you give us these rabbits?" the male simply asked curiously while stretching his tired, but alert body. His facial expression was blank since he had awakened from the scent of the dead animal and a nightmare about his past. It wasn't pleasant and he just wanted to wipe it clean out of his mind. Ari shook his head.

"Yes, I did." She said simply, "I'm used to getting up quite early. I figured I might as well get breakfast for everyone. We have places to go today. We need our strength." Her shameful, stubby tail flicked. "Did you get a good sleep?" She turned, both dual colored orbs looking to meet his, although it felt like she was staring straight into him.

Livia stayed asleep for a while longer as you two talked. She needed a good sleep for traveling to the place she knew of. She smelled rabbit in her dream, and then woke up realizing she was actually smelling it. She yawned and stretched, looking around for the food. "Morning you two. Who caught the rabbits?" She asked them, glancing from Ari to Nightshade. Her fur on one side was flat, while the other side was fluffy. It looked odd on her, but she didnt notice at all.

Ari turned to the waking female and smiled. "It was Nightshade. Apparently she hunted down breakfast for all of us," he explained to her and yawned after seeing she did it being contagious. He then bent down and stuck his nose in the carcass to get a good whiff of the fresh meat before taking the first bite. It was very delicious.

"Top of the morning, Livia." Nightshade turned her piercing gaze towards the other female, "Yes, it was me. Personally I like getting started early and fresh. So since everyone is awake, I suppose we should eat." With that, she settled down and bit into the red, warm flesh meat herself.

She nodded and said to Nightshade," thank you. That was very generous of you." Before grabbing a rabbit and eating it. She was very hungry, having gone a few days with no food. The humans basically starved the wolves, taking the deer and making it their own prey. She didnt like that, but indeed hoped that the deer she ate in the clearing was still there.

Ari didn't rush in to finish the meal, it was too flavorful. He took very small bites at a time and even took a few breaks to rest from the eating a few times. To get very comfortable, he let his wings carelessly drop down and rest on the dirt while keeping his two hind legs tightly against his body. "Thank you, Nightshade."

"Not a problem," the green tinted will replied between her own bites. Hers were small, quick chews. It wasn't slow, but she wasn't messy either. She soon finished and began licking the blood off her lips, looking at the two. She blinked once to stop her stupid eye from skittering about in annoyance. "Are we ready for this? I haven't been near a human settlement in a while." She again tucked in her stub at the unfriendly memory.

Kilo, a golden and gray colored she-wolf that was wingless sniffed the air. I know I smell other wolves like me around here, she thought in her head. With her nose to the ground, she followed the scent until she spotted three wolves a lot larger than she was gathered around food. Even a pup would know not to make any sound when nearby wolves they didn't know, but Kilo was so scared that she couldn't help but let out a fearful whimper, just loud enough for them to hear. Her tail was tucked in between her legs, her eyes were wide, and her ears were down.

While Ari savaged the delicious carcass peacefully, savoring the flavor as much as possible, he hearkened his ears at the light whimpering around nearby. His ears twitched and he stuck his nose up high to take a large whiff of whatever was in the wind. "Wait," he barked quietly to the other females. "Do you two smell that?" Ari shifted his head around to find the source and then finally saw where the scent reined. "We aren't alone."

Nightshade calmly and coolly stood, scanning the area. When the intruder didn't reveal themselves, the female gave a devious grin. Sitting herself up higher and spoke out loud. By the scent, it was female, by the whimpers, nearby. She didn't feel like going out to search. "It's rude to eavesdrop, my dear." Nightshade said with a voice like poisoned honey, "Wolves who try to hide from me get a very unpleasant ending indeed."

Kilo froze in spot as she learned they were aware of her being near them. She gulped nervously before she moved out of the rock's cover until they could see her whole form. She was crouched down low with her tail tucked. "I didn't mean to intrude.....I was just looking for other wolves like me." Kilo responded, her voice sort of high-pitched, showing her youth, and quavering with fear. "Please don't hurt me, I was just curious, that's not harmful at all, is it?" she said, trying to sound innocent.

"Curiosity kills the cat," Nightshade mused, her orange eye beginning to skitter about again. However the purple iris remained coldly focused on the newcomer. Though her tail a stub, the swath of fire stood up plain as day that she would've been holding her tail high. She tilted her nose up to get the attention of Ari and Livia. "What do you make of it?"

Ari didn't like the look of the newcomer barging in on their peaceful eating, though the appearance of the new female also made him wonder how a shy and fearful wolf was able to survive on her own with the humans roaming around freely. "We're not going to hurt you, little one," he only male present replied back with his tail firmly at his side. His ears continue to twitch since the cool winds that came often blew past them.

Livia was already done eating and had been listening to the wolves. She finally stood up and looked over the younger wolf with curiosity. "What he says is true, young one. We will not hurt you. But it is indeed rude to be intruding here, and eavesdropping as well. Tell us, why are you here and how have you survived with being close to the humans?" She questioned her, feeling her true self showing, her destiny to be an Alpha. Her training with her parents helped her a lot, and it showed her that being caring and wise to others was always the right thing to do.

"Tch! Can't even give her a little scare?" Nightshade mumbled under her breath, still eyeing the newcomer coldly but backing off. And so the ritual of 'Who Are You and Why Are You Here' begins... Nightshade was never one for religion, but it was definitely some miracle to find four wolves of her kind in the span of a few days. She was the dark side of this trio. While Ari and Livia were caring and welcoming, Nightshade was cold and distant.

Ari was indeed the caring and welcoming type... now. It was only now that he was that way because he knew there ain't no way a mere few Marked Wolves could survive if ambushed by a group of raging humans. He was actually getting more intrigued at the sight of more of his kind around in such a tightly compacted area. How many more of us is really this close, nearby us? he thought to himself while eyeing the youngster and the two grown females. He did worry about Nightshade since her nature proved to be devastating - he watched her closely.

Nightshade noticed the feeling of being watched and turned to quietly return Ari's stare. What she had suspected to be perhaps the start of a trust was suddenly questioned with the appearance of this newcomer. He thinks me a threat? An obstacle? What say you white wolf? She thought to herself, Do you find me a threat that must be chased off and abandoned?

Kilo gulped fearfully again before she raised her head just slightly until it was even with her shoulders. "Indeed, it was rude of me doing that, but you must understand how lonely I've been. When I was a pup, my parents were killed by evil wolves, and I was raised by my aunt until she was killed too, but by humans. I've lived from eating small vermin and searched for wolves like me......wolves who could accept me." she replied, laying her ears flatter. "If you'd allow me to introduce myself, my name's Kilo." the golden and gray she-wolf added.

Livia just nodded and glanced at her two companions. She wanted to know their thoughts on the new wolf, Kilo. She did notice Nightshade's behavior, so her gaze remained more with Ari. She felt bad for the young pup, but needed the other's opinions on what to do. She thought of it as a good idea to take in the young wolf, but it might be a challenge if she didnt know how to fight and defend herself

Ari, the only male present right now, sighed at hearing of the youngster's tale. It was sorrow and depressing much like the others. Is there no end to all this sadness and grief? he thought to himself and unsheathed his claws, though not to intimidate but to merely scratch up the dirt. If we let this young pup into our group, how would she be able to defend herself against such towering beasts with weapons we can't even comprehend. Ari didn't say anything else but simply stared.

Kilo felt Ari's stares and she lowered her head again. The young-like she-wolf felt her tail twitch between her legs but she kept it tucked to show submission to the three other wolves there with her. "I'm sure if you let me join you, I could help with tracking...." she muttered towards the 3 of them when she noticed their silence. Please say I can come along with you, she thought in her head and before she even realized it, a single oily tear was rolling down her cheek.

Nightshade's attention returned to the newcomer in front of her, "Why do you cry?" she asked somberly. Her stark outward appearance showed little sympathy as she merely tilted her head. She was probably acting colder than she should be, but that was simply how she was. She showed little soft emotion, giving the younger a blank stare.

Kilo glanced down at the ground. "Because I don't want to live by myself anymore........I want to learn, hunt, and enjoy life with other wolves like me." she answered Nightshade before she lifted a fore-paw and wiped the tear from her face. Great, now I must look like an idiot in front of them thanks to this tear, she thought nastily.

Nightshade visibly snorted but said nothing. She finally stepped back and let Ari and Livia do the talking, returning to gaze at the waterfall. She's young, but she's meek. Meek doesn't get you anywhere in this world. I'm surprised she's lived this long... Nightshade's hard outer core would be useful for defending territory sure, but not for making friends. Even as a pup she was isolated from her siblings in some way. And while her interests amused her, they were deadly to others. It is better to have allies than friends in her department.

Ari just sat there as he saw the youngster cower before Nightshade's cruel nature. It did bug him on how she was treating such a defenseless pup when her herself was the same way some time ago. They all were, but now they're grown up and survived this long. "Nightshade, take it easy," Ari warned calmly. "You were once that way too when you were a pup... we all were." The minute she turned her back to them to view the waterfall, Ari thought, That bitterness isn't going to get you much companions out here. It would only be the death of you when you die cold and alone.

Nightshade merely turned her head to give him a cocked brow of Are you serious? look before returning to gaze at the water, silent. "I grew up faster than most," Nightshade said with a tone of bitterness as the stub of her tail flicked. "And I've learned faster than most, as well. Since it's apparent she's coming with us, it means we're grounded... I hope you're prepared going through the human place."

"I do not mind taking you with us, you will however need to know how to defend yourself. And not to be so timid. Because if we fight any enemies and you get scared, we might not help you." Livia told the young wolf, glancing at Ari to view his expression. Since he was more calm than Nightshade, she needed his thoughts as well

"And you need to show more confidence in others, Nightshade, others are different and grew up differently," he replied back and found it very rude that she didn't look at him when expressing such a thing. He then turned his attention back on Livia and Kilo and gave the young one a slight nod showing he agreed with what she saying about how they couldn't protect him all the time.

Kilo's posture turned from submissive to happy and excited. Her tail went untucked, her ears lifted, her head raised, and she was no longer crouched down. She smiled and giggled on the inside, her tail wagging like crazy. "I'll try to do all that the best I can! Thank you all for letting me join you!" the young she-wolf replied with a smile on her muzzle.

Livia dipped her head in acknowledgement, wagging her tail a little. She was happy to have another new wolf in the group, but knew it would be harder. They had to make sure the young wolf would not get hurt or killed, as she didnt know much about fighting. It made Livia feel a bit disheartened, but she tried not to show it.

Ari was thrilled for the newcomer to join their little group that he would wonder create bonds that would be sutiable enough to form a pack to their own, probably the only pack in this region. He did thought there was probably other packs still untouched by the human race, though even that was a dream. With enough time and work, I think we can make this group bigger and stronger, he gladly thought to himself with a sparkle in his eye.

Nightshade said nothing. After a few more seconds of staring at the water she sighed. "Very well," she said simply, "Are we ready to leave? We won't be able to fly over the settlement. We'll have to sneak through it, or else around it, if possible." She stood and stretched again, turning to look at the trio, as if sizing each of them up. " Have we had contact with these humans before?"

"We are ready to leave. Ari and i have, but i dont think Kilo has. It should be easy to sneak around them. Unless they have guards around the area." She mentioned to Nightshade, noting her tone and readiness to leave. Livia was ready as well, believing she knew the way to her place she called sacred

"They most likely would be on guard if you were noticed recently," she said wistfully, "This may be harder than I thought..." Her ears twitched in thought. "We'll have to tread lightly, makes careful calculations and then some. Since we're grounded and so near a settlement that's alert... Prepare for a mess. This can get dirty."

Ari got up off his lazy butt and tucked in his wings close to his back as he yawned. "Going through the human settlement would be suicidal for sure cause I think they're now alert that more Marked Wolves are roaming the area. A few managed to escape after Livia and I escaped their pursuit and got lost in these woods." He paused and sighed heavily. "It will be tedious."

Kilo glanced in between the wolves as they spoke about the human settlement. The young she-wolf couldn't help but shudder as she thought about her aunt's death. "So will we go around it?" she asked the trio. Please do say yes! I hate humans and their ways of killing! she thought in her mind.

"Then we go around," she replied simply to Ari, "Livia leads the way, only she knows where to go." Nightshade looked among the three, pausing a moment longer on the youngest there but said nothing, her orange eye skittering about again. She forced it into its proper place, grumbling.

"Then let us go. I believe I know a way so they will not spot us. We will just have to be quiet." She mentioned as she headed off in the opposite direction of the humans, but more towards the foggier area of the forest. Since it was brighter out, it would be easier for the others to see. It might also take them the entire day, depending on if she knew her surroundings once they were out of this forest

Ari sighed again and really didn't want to leave the foggy woods since it offered nice concealment from the outside world, especially the humans. Where they were going wasn't foggy it sounded like and that would mean they would be easier to spot from a distance. What worried him more was the kind of weapons the two-legged monsters possessed and if they were spotted from a distance, they would use them mercilessly. This is will definitively be a challenge, Ari thought t himself as he followed.

Nightshade fluffed out her fur again with a hefty shake, plodding along behind the group in silence. Her gaze fell forward towards their path. Humans along weren't much of a problem. Humans with their strange weapons that could keep her at bay were. However once she was able to simply tap them... She let off another toothy grin at the thought. They would be doomed without their fantastic creations.

Kilo didn't know how to react but to follow. "So what should I do?" she asked them, still not knowing their names yet. Funny how I gave them mine and they haven't told me theirs back, she thought in her head as she followed after Ari. Her creamish-golden and gray tail wagged from side to side with each step.

As he walked with Livia since she led the way to the place she wanted to go that was claimed to be some kind of paradise from a dream. Ari did believe it to be true, but only until he saw it was when he would make it completely true. He looked over his shoulder and viewed the pup walking alongside them. "You will stick by us," he simply answered her question.

As they continued to walk through the woods, Livia didnt see or hear anything odd. She took that as a good sign and kept walking. She now was seeing the edge of the foggy forest, which took only a few hours to get to from where they previously were. She wagged her tail a little at the sight, and then picked up her pace. She wanted to be at the one place she felt at home at, and once she saw past this fog she would know if they were close or not. She hoped the young wolf was not tired already, nor the other two. She was not tired yet, mainly from being anxious and excited.

Livia, along with Ari, Kilo, and Nightshade leave the Gray Woods and now enter the Field of Dawning.
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