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Humankind Borders Empty Humankind Borders

on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:36 am
This area is where the humans and the natural world mostly intercept. On the natural side is the Gray Woods, on the human side is a small village with a population of fifty very defensive humans.

Humankind Borders Empty Re: Humankind Borders

on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:50 am
Ari raced through the woods barely passing the border to escape the pursuing, outraged humans. He was one of the last resemblance of his kind since the humans have taken the mission to extinguish all wolves with the magical marks, gifted by birth. The male wasn't going to be the last one to go and therefore bolted with all his might to get away. Luckily for him, the commonly presence of the thick fog that blanketed the woods was on his side and allowed him to escape safely.

Livia, running from the enraged humans, was desperate to get away. She saw the fog up ahead from the forest, and used her marks powers to turn into a shade. It helped cloak her, but the fog helped even more. She was the last of her pack, and possibly the last of her kind.

After the humans were nowhere to be seen from behind anymore, Ari slowed down himself to a steady pace and stopped by a river that ran through the dense forest. Once at a complete halt, he sighed heavily and panted a few times before expressing in his mind, Wow, that was so close he thought. Why us? What did we do to deserve such a ruthless slaughter... . Tears started to roll down his white colored pelt.

Livia couldn't stop thinking about her pack and how they all got slaughtered brutally. Since she had been running for a long time now, she had little control of stopping. She saw a river ahead and ran straight for it, knowing the water would stop her. She did so, plowing into the cold water, unaware of another wolf nearby. She was now visible, but was in a deep part of the river with the current flowing fast and hard. She couldn't swim very well, and kept making splashing sounds as she was being swept down the river. Water going into her mouth as she feared she would die as well

Amidst the tearing, Ari heard the sudden loud splashing of Livia entering the deep end of the fast-flowing river. He snapped his head and viewed in that direction, quickly seeing the splashing and pushing of the water as the female wolf struggled. As the river pushed the current downstream along with her body, Ari didn't realize it was another of his kind at first and just wanted to save the drowning creature. The male stood tall and proud and used his powers to bend the water away from Livia's body far enough to where she would just drop on the solid floor.

Livia was suddenly relieved of the water that had surged around her. She lay on the ground, breathing very heavily. She finally stood up and immediately became a shade, looking around for what saved her. She then spotted another wolf, male, who had markings as well. She went back to her normal appearance and looked happy she was not the only one. But she also growled at him, not familiar with his scent.

The minute the female came into full view of Ari's black orbs, he shifted his face to a plain expression, shocked and excited at the same time. He was also a little anxious since she was another marked wolf and smelt like nothing he's smelled before. Another of my kind... alive, he replied in his mind and just continued to stare for a good while before growling back, though wasn't really an aggressive growl. It was more like a greeting to a stranger type of growl.

She breathed more calmy now, aware they were the only ones."wha-what is your name?" She asked him, shivering from the cold water she was just in. Her wings were closed in and at her sides, her bright purple markings showing through her black fur. She stared at him in amazement, still shocked to see another of her kind left.

Ari was hesitant to answer her, not because she was a stranger from another unfamiliar pack, but because she had the markings - the very same that were believed to be extinct. He also eyed her carefully while still holding the water out of her way, but released and let the river flow naturally after she emerged and was safely on land. "Um... Ari," he said back to her in a soft tone, allowing his snow, feathered wings to drop to his sides like she did.

She dipped in her head in a respectful manner, making a bowing gesture with her wings."my name is Livia." She told him, moving back to her standing position and looking at him. She was intrigued by his color and markings, knowing them to be rare. She knew what he could do now from his markings, as he could probably tell by hers as well

Ari relaxed his tense muscles from the previous chase and sat down, getting comfortable since there was nothing much left to do at this point except make conversation with the stranger and learn more about the amazing discovery. It was also nice no threats were nearby. "Livia, huh?" he replied calmly and bowed respectfully in return, slowly rising it back in place after. "What were you running from?" he then questioned.

"Those cruel and heartless things. Humans." She said, growling in anger at the mention of them. " they killed my entire pack, i am the only survivor. I assume they did the same to you?" She glanced at him, tilting her head sideways

Ari sighed heavily and turned to peer at the rapids being caused by the fierce river nearby; it was loud but peaceful to him. That was only because his markings were blue which meant he can bend water and even breathe underneath. His gills were hidden beneath his thick, white fur coat just a tad below his neck. "I see," he replied and looked back at her. "Yes... the Toralu Pack was completely destroyed and slaughtered ruthlessly."

"I am sorry... Mine was the Murrok pack. My father and mother were the Alphas." She told him, a sad expression on her face. She sighed and shook her fur, spraying water everywhere. She figured they would probably have to stick together from now on to survive.

Ari shook his head left and right before thinking this can't be happening since it seemed they were the last of their kind, the very last. But... at the same time maybe it was fate they ran into each other. Pair of the last marked wolves meeting each other in all the circumstances. "That's awful," the male replied and enjoyed the shower she gave him by shaking off the excess water out of her fur. "Do you have anyone else with you, or know of any of our kind around?"

She sadly shook her head." No one. You are the only one i know of to have survived." She told him, becoming nervous and wanting to go further into the forest. She was truly terrified of the humans now, and wanted to be as far from them as possible. "Can we um, talk where i feel safer please?" She asked him, her body shaking from being scared and cold.

Ari looked around the area profusely and ended his gaze back on the black, winged wolf who was shaking. "I thought we were already quite far away from the humans," he replied back and smiled. He then stretched his wings as far as they could go. "Can you fly? I prefer that way instead of running since my legs are already exhausted from running from those brutes in the first place."

She nodded and extended her wings, lifting into the air immediately. She didnt know where to fly to, just wanted to get somewhere else. She flew in the direction she was running before they met, hoping there was some place better

Ari and Livia leave to Slick Rock Falls
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