Marked Wolves Story

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Marked Wolves Story

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:35 am

".... The shattered remains of the wolves, branded with their marks, strive to get stronger and make their place once more. To be forever rulers of their domain... "

The Marked Wolves RP started out with two wolves, primarily the last of their kind, running away from a rampaging, ruthless group of humans. There main goal was to make their kind extinct; wolves that were gifted at birth with special markings that could tell what certain power they possessed. And as such, the Humans feared the Marked Wolves would overpopulate and take over what belonged to them while using their powers for extraordinary reasons.

Toward the end of their crusade, they've managed to wipe out the packs, with one male, Ari, and one female, Livia, left to survive. The pair went off into hiding in fear they were the last of their kind. When all seemed lost for their brothers and sisters, they wanted revenge, and if any others like them are found, they would bring justice to what rightfully belonged to them. The Marked Wolves' homelands, pride, courage, and dignity were all the humans had taken away from them. Whether there would be an all out war between the two species, it was up to those who had set their minds to what was believed to be right for the path to be determined.

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