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MW Character Sheets Empty MW Character Sheets

on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:31 am

Copy this template and fill out each field carefully and fully. If at anytime you need assistance with anything, please alert a Staff member.

Pack (if applicable): 
Marking (only one allowed): 
Mate (if applicable): 
Pups (if applicable): 
Wings or Wingless: 
History (Not optional): 
(Post a Photo Here)

[b]Pack (if applicable):[/b] 
[b]Marking (only one allowed):[/b] 
[b]Mate (if applicable):[/b] 
[b]Pups (if applicable):[/b] 
[b]Wings or Wingless:[/b] 
[b]History (Not optional):[/b]
[b](Post a Photo here)[/b]

MW Character Sheets Empty Re: MW Character Sheets

on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:46 am
Name: Ari
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Rogue
Pack (if applicable): None
Personality: Ari is a strong male who always wants to take the lead in every decision possible. He is friendly at first but can easily become aggressive if provoked by others. Normally calm and fearless from most situations, Ari doesn't get upset very easily.
Marking (only one allowed): Blue
Mate (if applicable): None
Pups (if applicable): None
Wings or Wingless: Wings
History: Ari was born as a rogue which gave him his fierce and fearless attitude in battles from learning how to survive on his own. Over the years, he actually joined a pretty small but strong-willed pack, Toralu, and risen through the ranks up to alpha. It was short lived though since the pack end up being nearly all the way slaughtered by ruthless humans. Ari was the only survivor.
MW Character Sheets Winged_Wolf_by_shar_vampire_by_TheWolfPack

Name: Livia
Age: 3 years old
Gender: female
Rank: Rogue
Pack (if applicable): none
Personality:= nice, respectful, honest, caring towards wolves she thinks of as family
Marking (only one allowed): purple
Mate (if applicable): none
Pups (if applicable): none
Wings or Wingless: wings
History: Born as the daughter of the Alphas of the Murrok pack. She was born into leadership, training and learning about her role. Which was to be female Alpha of the pack. When it was close for her time, she would then be allowed to choose her own mate. Doing so would ensure peace and trust within the pack. However, right before she was to choose her mate for life, her pack was brutally slaughtered by humans, leaving her as the only survivor. Her parents were killed, which gave her more grief and sorrow, but also also gave her a strong thirst for revenge. Her only goal as of now is to get revenge for her pack, for her parents, and destroy every last human on their land. 
MW Character Sheets Realm_13

Name: Nightshade
Age: 2.5 Years
Gender: Female
Rank:  Placed best in the Assassins or Scout Ranks
Pack (if applicable): N/A
Personality: From the outside, Nightshade is blunt, impatient, and even by some standards, cruel in her ways. She scorns you like a child you if you get short with her constant and relentless spite. She laughs in your face at your comebacks, be they good ones or not and overall, seems like a rather distasteful creature. However that entire facade seems to break under the smallest actions of kindness. It takes a while to reach it, but the true side of Nighshade is a respectful one. Even friendly and considerate. However it takes more than a stranger to see that side of her.
Marking (only one allowed): Green (Poison)
Mate (if applicable): None
Pups (if applicable): None
Wings or Wingless: Wings
History (Not optional): Born from a small family who had planned to start a pack, Nightshade took on the looks of her father, while her two sisters took on the traits of her Life-Empowered mother.  While her siblings took on the studies of learning the arts of plants in general, from healing to hindering, Nightshade specialized in only the hindering effects. Though her siblings knew a broader spectrum, Nightshade knew about the poisonous species more than they would ever know. She even learned what animals contained venom and their effects as well, her father teaching her well, so that including her own power, the pup could utilize the strength of venom outside her own body. The perfect wolf to do the dirty work, from killing to stealing, and everything in between. It's what caused her ego to swell; she had a power and amount of knowledge her siblings could fear.

In her puppy years, despite her parents warning, she and her siblings ventured near a human dwelling. Dauntless, they dug their way beneath the fence, squeezing through just barely. Their explorations lasted about half an hour, and were suddenly interrupted by the low, dangerous growl of a dog. They were able to get away, but not with a shameful price; Being the last through, Nightshade lodged herself between the fence and the ground, and cried out in pain and terror as half her tail was eaten by the black Labrador before she could squeeze through. Nightshade lost every canine's pride, the one thing that's more expressive than the face of the ears. Her tail remained only a stub, later hair follicles growing over the wound, but the scar and humiliation would forever remain. 

By the time she was a year and a half, disaster struck. During a hunting trip, the family unnoticibly ate tainted meat, the deer modified by human hands to produce a strain that only affected wolves. The next few weeks, despite all the efforts, Nightshade's mother and siblings did not survive. Her father and she remained, albeit her father so shell-shocked that when the scent of a thunderstorm struck their noses, he left in the night, the rain washing away all existence of his presence. Nightshade was left alone to wander, and hopefully, one day find her own path, though with her father's abandonment, a more cynical outlook on life.
MW Character Sheets 8DXOHPu

Artwork © Nightshade

Name: Kilo
Age: 1 3/4 wolf years
Gender: Female
Rank: Rogue
Pack (if applicable): None yet
Personality: Kilo is very sensitive, shy, quiet, and mostly is seen by her lonesome. If you picture the little puppy whining in the corner who's been kicked too many times, you'd pretty much get the equivalent of Kilo. She is very smart but is so troubled by her past that she doesn't speak much to other wolves.
Marking (only one allowed): Purple
Mate (if applicable): None
Pups (if applicable): None
Wings or Wingless: Wingless
History (Not optional): Kilo's past has always haunted her because her life changed so fast that her heart never recovered from the feeling of it. When she was still a pup around the age of 7 months old, a mean group of wolves had somehow found her family and killed her parents. Not long after that, she found her aunt who raised her until her death, teaching her how to live the life of a rogue. But then she met another rogue and she has been the fearful type, acting inexperienced and dependent.
MW Character Sheets 14.-Himalayan-Wolf-300x219

Name: Silver
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: N/A
Pack (if applicable): N/A
Personality: Silver is friendly most the time but can be equally aggressive when threatened especially more form his family. He also has a very helpful nature and tends to do what he can to assist others with his healing powers.
Marking (only one allowed): Silver
Mate (if applicable): N/A
Pups (if applicable): N/A
Wings or Wingless: Wings
History (Not optional): Silver was born, like all others wolves, in a pack that was somewhat small and weak. They were wiped out by other wolves and humans over time as their numbers depleted after each assault. Now the pack doesn't exist anymore and instead have broken apart and those who survived, Silver himself, went rogue and their own separate ways. It also isn't known if any are still alive today.
MW Character Sheets Big_winged_wolf_by_footroya-dcvt9u

Name: Crow
Age: 3.75 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: None yet
Pack (if applicable): None yet
Personality: Even though this handsome young male is quite the right guy for female wolves, he often keeps quiet when females are around. He is very brave and protective to those he views close to him and will do anything to help them if anything comes up, no matter the situation. He is intelligent to know how to react to others and/or enemies, but when it comes to his feelings, that is his only weak spot. He takes everything seriously and he cares a lot about other wolves' opinions and/or views of him. If they insult him, he will stand his ground, but if they humiliate him or bully him, he will either take their actions/words to heart or ignore it.
Marking (only one allowed): Green
Mate (if applicable): None yet
Pups (if applicable): None yet
Wings or Wingless: Wings
History (Not optional): Crow was the only surviving male pup of two loners named Dusk (mother, deceased) and Falcon (father, currently a loner). He was born along with his sister Mist (currently a loner). As a pup, he was the obedient and quiet one of the litter, but his sister was quite the trouble-maker and curious one. Due to them living close to the humans, it led to the death of his father when he and his sister were roughly a year old. After the two siblings separated from each other and their mother, they gained independence and wisdom while surviving.
MW Character Sheets __winged_black_wolf___by_darktwilightangel

MW Character Sheets Empty Re: MW Character Sheets

on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:22 pm
Name: Lysana
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Rank: n/a
Pack (if applicable): n/a

Personality: Lysana is generally calm and levelheaded, soft spoken and kind. She is wise for her years and sometimes looked to for advice. One of the only times she will lose her temper is if someone plans on doing something stupid and dangerous... usually at her brother, though she can sometimes deflate his temper if needed. Despite that, she does care about him deeply, though not romantically. Lysana doesn't need his protection most times, but usually stays quiet.

Marking (only one allowed): Yellow
Mate (if applicable): n/a
Pups (if applicable): n/a
Wings or Wingless: Wings

History (Not optional): Lysana and her brother Roscir are the only survivors of the Nyota pack. Humans attacked and brutally murdered the rest of the pack. Roscir wanted to rip their throats out, but Lysana managed to hold him back. The two wolves watch out for each other and make the most of the little they have. 
(Post a Photo Here)

MW Character Sheets Cid:11A2715D-464C-465E-BEBE-D8614FACCAD9@mobilenotes.apple

Name: Roscir
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
Rank: n/a
Pack (if applicable): n/a

Personality: Roscir is a bit rebellious and rude, but loyal and protective of his friends. He is extremely protective of his sister, even to the point of possessiveness. Roscir is reckless and impulsive, slow to trust and short tempered. He is brave and bold, with a surprisingly big ego. Something inside him snapped the day he lost his pack. 

Marking (only one allowed): Blue
Mate (if applicable): n/a
Pups (if applicable): n/a
Wings or Wingless: Wingless, but has gills and webbed feet

History (Not optional): Same as Lysana. 
(Post a Photo Here) 

MW Character Sheets Cid:3AC577A8-E8C3-4DD8-BB91-2A63EA7E1D72@mobilenotes.apple
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MW Character Sheets Empty Re: MW Character Sheets

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