The Powers and Colored Markings

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The Powers and Colored Markings

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:25 am

The Marking's Powers

Below is the following domains associated with the colored marking. The colors are also presented with each domain. At the bottom shows the weaknesses of each domain.

Air: White
Information: Manipulate winds, weather, and temperature. Wolves that have the white markings usually have wings.

  • Bend to make gusts of winds
  • Conjure up minor weather being rain, snow, sleet, and sunny.
  • Manipulate temperature around them in a small area. Nothing in the extreme zone.

Dark: Purple
Information: Can extinguish lights making it difficult to see. Excellent night vision. Can make themselves transparent like a ghost but isn't fully invisible enough to walk through solid matter.

  • Abolish all light sources in a given area
  • Amazing night vision
  • Transparency though can't walk though solid matter.

Death: Black
Information: Grow thorny briers, also have night vision but not as good as the Dark Domain. Power to kill small animals instantly but nothing bigger than a rabbit.

  • Misty cloud surrounding them, 
  • Conjure up thorny briers
  • Minor night vision, 
  • Kill small animals at the touch (nothing bigger than a rabbit and pups aren't affected).

Earth: Brown
Information: Manipulate stone, rocks, ground, and minerals.

  • Able to shake the ground by a hard slam but not as grand as an earthquake
  • Bend rocks by shaping them (growing, shrinking, etc)
  • Freely move rocks and stones by the mind but nothing bigger than a fox.

Fire: Orange
Information: Control, manipulate, and even create fire at will. Immune to extreme high temperatures, immune to fire you control, but can still get hurt by other fires.

  • Can create fire at will
  • Immunity to high temperatures (not lava)
  • Immunity to fire you control

Life: Silver
Information: Grow plants anywhere that is applicable, can understand other species' speech like animals and communicate with them telepathically, healing powers.

  • Can grow plants anywhere that is available
  • Telepathically communicate with other animal species
  • Heal wounds (not broken bones, missing limbs, etc)

Light: Yellow
Information: Create light and illusions, minor healing powers.

  • Create light in a given area 
  • Freely create illusions at will
  • Heal minor wounds like burns, scratches, and the like.

Poison: Green
Information: Can create a variety of poisons that can paralyze, slow, blind, or knock out. Can shapeshift into a gaseous form, and be immune to all types of poison.

  • Create poisons to paralyze, slow, blind, or knock out 
  • Shapeshift into a gaseous form (defensive only)
  • Immunity to all types of poison

Water: Blue
Information: Manipulate water, increase and decrease the temperature of water, control steam and ice, and breathe underwater from having gills.

  • Bend water at will
  • Control temperature of water
  • Control steam and ice
  • Breathe underwater


Air > Earth
Earth > Water
Water > Fire
Fire > Poison

Light = Dark
Life = Death

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