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1.) God-modding or Power Playing: There is absolutely no god-modding in any form in this RP. This rule will be enforced strictly, along with power playing someone else's character without their permission. Only one warning will be given to those whom break this rule... anything after will result in being banned from the RP for a period of time. Further could result in being banned from the site.

NOTICE: If at any time you're going to be absent and if your character(s) will cause the RP to stall, please inform Staff first so there's no miscommunication. If there are no Staff available, please inform them through a PM.

2.) Powers & Fantasy: Please read this regarding powers: WIP. Along with this RP being fantasy, the following is allowed and isn't allowed. Those that are allowed are optional and not a requirement.


  • Wings
  • Gills (water domain only)
  • Any kind of markings
  • Colored eyes, pelts, and markings
  • Multi tails are okay, just don't go overboard with it

Not Allowed

  • Multiple limbs (two heads, more than four legs, etc)
  • Shapeshifting
  • Hybrids

3.) Fighting: When fighting occurs, only ONE blow per post and DO NOT state the effect of the attack on the other person's character. Only 1 out of 5 attacks can be dodged. Every wolf will suffer and many will die. This means everybody's character cannot be excluded from the rules; they cannot survive slashed throats or broken necks. If a situation could possibly kill the wolf, it's probably wise to not put them there in the first place. Players can kill other players, just has to be realistic and if there is a dispute about who is killed, Staff has the final say. With the results of gore, it is allowed just try not to make it where you make others vomit. Most importantly, make it realistic. Obviously the higher ranking wolves would be better in battle than the lower ranks.

4.) Romance: When it comes to romance between wolves, use "common sense" when it comes to details. Mating is only granted by the alpha's permission (excluding the alphas of course). Any content that goes further is not allowed.

5.) Roles: There are a total of 15 ranks within a pack. You must fulfill your position's duties to the fullest in order to make the RP realistic. Any attempt to not follow your duties would most likely result in a demotion. Respect the higher ranks at all times and if you want to rise within the ranks, alphas must approve your challenge with the contender or else no challenge is allowed.

6.) Territories: A simple rule with this is respect the pack's borders. DO NOT cross into the territory unless you're looking for trouble or even death. Don't expect to be greeted with a friendly welcome if from another pack or even a Rogue. Rogues are definitely frowned upon and very hard to be accepted into a pack.

7.) Creating Packs: Creating your own packs from breaking from older ones is allowed ONLY if at least four join, and must be approved by Staff.

8.) Mating Wolves: Players cannot mate with their own characters, only with other player's characters (i.e. players can't control a pair of wolves whom are mates, only one).

9.) Grammar and Posting: Please try and keep your posting decent with grammar and sentencing. No one-liners are allowed. Please try and strive for at least four or five sentences each time, maybe less during dialogue.

10.) Shifting Between Threads: Whenever you leave an area to enter another area or thread to continue there, be sure to post that you and whoever left the area before posting in the thread you entered.

11.) Timeskipping: Whenever there is a Timeskip in the Roleplay to only skip time and not a short event, there needs to be a message before your writing to show when you timeskipped ahead.

12.) Seasons and Time: The following table shows how real time reacts to the Roleplay's time.

Real-timeRoleplay Time
1 Month1 Season
4 Months1 Year
1 Year4 Years

---- At any time, any rule or guideline is subject to change ----

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