Seas of Chaos (Open) ~Players Needed~

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Seas of Chaos (Open) ~Players Needed~

Post by Storytellers CAN on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:14 am

Be ready to join the adventure, action, mayhem, and myth!

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This is not what you expect at first glance.  The world of history as we know it is far from the reality of this one....

Earth was so efected by Mythical disturbances that reality split in two.  An alternate dimension created which is where the Seas of Chaos lay.   There are 200 islands varying in size and vast wonders. Some of the seas between are narrows. A bottleneck for ship that might meet uncertain doom.  Pirates....

 The governing powers are in a state of flux from time to time. Some seek to dominate the entire domain. Some islands are wild and tragically hazardous. Others have no order. Some are oppressive states.  But many are fairly civilized.

   The Assassins are Anarchists if the graeat Island if Conjumaire. It streatches over 250 miles across and its Northern Seas are treacherous.   Many ships are lost there to the beasts of the deep.  The King of Conjumaire is a tyrant in his own way and the Assassins have joined with Pirate groups to gain ground.... but are they yet any better in doing so?  Is it just an  undercover ploy to bankrupt the brutal rule of King Argonath?  

 Most purates are in competition for booty,  rights, of passage and pleasure,  yet some have more class than others, and even sport the idea of family. Port Black Cove is one of the main hubs for Pirates to find crew and supplies.  The Governor,  a murderous fiend feared by all, runs the place akin to a powerful mobster.   So little to none fight amongst crew and Captain there, but for a few bar squalls over a wench or two.

 Dare ye join this new adventurous world of mystery,  myth, and mayhem? Risk ye a mermaid drag you down to the depths? Or a sea monster devour yer ship?  Will you fight with the Assassins for loot and liberation to a good reputation and open door to some indulging opportunities?  Fight a Royal navy?   Hand to hand skirmishes? Spy among the islands for what catches your eye? Or serve the other side?  Much is to be done here  the doors are open. Come... join The Seas of Chaos!

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1. Follow Rated Rules
2.  Keep swearing authentic to the time period and phrases if you can (accents don't count)
3.  Follow the rank guidelines
4.  No killing other people's characters without permission or dealing fatal blows.
5.  Be realistic in fights. (If you loose a leg you're not going to be up and running around while fighting)
6. No god modding
7. No gary stus/ mary stus
8. If you read the rules  post "Arg" after your charries.


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