The Wall & the Mercy of Death (Open, and accepting)

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The Wall & the Mercy of Death (Open, and accepting)

Post by SirenFlame on Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:28 am

Welcome viewer to The Wall & the Mercy of Death!


Long, long ago - there was 2 kingdoms that ruled the Earth. One kingdom respected death - and the other respected life. And from both kingdoms, two Gods arose. Zegrath, the God of Death was feared throughout both kingdoms, only respected in one. Just seeing him was to send shivers down people's spines and some say seeing him was an omen of death itself - saying that once you see him, you'll die a terrible death. He appeared to be a very tall black figure with a mask over his face, a skull mask. Nobody has ever seen his actual face - and lived to tell of it later. The second God, the Goddess of Life - was called Yamora. She appears as a fair woman with long flowing white hair and rosy cheeks and her eyes are ever blue of the sky. Seeing the Goddess of Life was supposed to bring good fortune to any traveler or human being. But she also had rather dark plans nobody knew about.

Without warning, Yamora struck down on the God of Death and banished him to the Forest of Forgotten Souls - to rest eternity there. She created a wall that separated the two kingdoms from one another. She cursed Zegrath and turned him into a vicious beast known through the land as the Inferior - infected beings who appear as shadow people that can take the form of human shapes with horns on their head, black dogs, or monster-mouthed crows. The Inferior were cursed so that if they made any contact with a human being, it curses the human. The Inferior were cursed to never feel emotions, never feel pain, they can't feel hot or cold, and for some of them, don't feel the need to eat anything, and the worst part of it - they can never die. So those humans infected transform eventually into Inferior and have to face watching everything they care about disappear - or die before them.

The humans are now in routine quarantine - whoever heads to the other side of the wall, must have protection, and those that don't - usually never come back again. However, some of the Inferior are changing - they have started to get their emotions back, but it costs them. They become forgetful of things they would usually remember. The one kingdom on the darker side of the wall had been abandoned years ago, and only Inferior roam there and any unsuspected victims of them.

But - rumors start surfacing about 10 kids aged between 5 though 19, who are so pure, they cannot be affected by the deadly curse that Inferiors can cause, and both Gods are fighting over them - so that whoever gains all 10 will win and the loser is gotten rid of - forever.


#1: Listen to rules stated below as well as those of Not-Rated.

#2: All Inferior appear as shadow people, there is no such thing as an albino Inferior

#3: The owner of the roleplay (me) will act out BOTH GOD ZEGRATH and GODDESS YAMORA

#4: While in battle, your character can only dodge 2 of 5 attacks to avoid unfairness

#5: ALL INFERIOR DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO EAT, even though they are mostly hollow

#6: All members are allowed to have the maximum of 2 characters of the 10 pure kids the Gods will fight over. I want no fighting about it

#7: No gore allowed or god-modding. NO MARY/GARY SUES!

#8: Keep track of all of your characters that you have

#9: Please no bullying, discriminating, or harassment in this Roleplay. This is made for the fun and entertainment of others - not to be made into a war zone.

#10: The Inferior can have powers and you must state them in your forms, you must give a description of their powers and you have a limit of 3 powers and 3 weapons of choice they can USE. Weapons do not count as something they can physically do with their hands - it counts as axes, swords, etc.

#11: Since this Roleplay is based off of medieval times, weapons of choice are limited. There are no guns involved in this roleplay since the time period is before guns were made but there is gunpowder (I believe) to use as explosives.

#12: If you've read and agreed to all the rules, put "Praise the Gods" in the Other section of your forms when you make them


#1: TAKEN (SirenFlame)
#2: TAKEN (SirenFlame)
#3: OPEN
#4: OPEN
#5: OPEN
#6: OPEN
#7: OPEN
#8: OPEN
#9: OPEN
#10: OPEN

If you'd like to apply for one of the pure human kids, contact SirenFlame as a Private Message. You must put a reason why you want the role(s) as well as put a rate on how active you are based on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being "very active".

Link to Roleplay character sheets located here ---- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Link to Roleplay OOC and Map located here ---- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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